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7 Quick Questions

Quick FAQs

When you are planning a holiday there are always a few questions you want answered immediately. To help you out we have you can find below answers to 6 of the questions we get asked most often. However, there are lots of other questions you may want answered some of which you may find in the other FAQ pages linked on the left of this page.

7 Quick Questions

Why Visit Vietnam?

Vietnam is a fascinating coutnry with a long history and a rich culture. Of course it is remebered in the West often only for the long and tragic war with the Americans in the 1960's. But there is much, much more to Vietnam than just that sad episode. There is a huge Chinese influence in Vietnam having been the ruling power for hundreds of years. And then of course there is the French colonial era which gave Vietnam its impressive government buildingsand even some lovely hotels. Yet outside of this there is the fact that Vietnam is home to 54 distinct ethnic groups each with their own langauge and unique culture. Throw into the mix a rapidly developing economy that has led to a really buzzing city life contrasted with the rural areas where little has changed in the way of life for a thousand years and you have the perfect mix for a hugely enjoyable holiday. But don't take our word for it. dro us a line and you can be experiencing all this for yourself!

Why book with InsideVietnam Tours?

The sister brand of the award winning InsideJapan Tours, IInsideVietnam  is a small group of Vietnam experts who have a genuine passion for this amazing country. All our UK staff haveextensive experience of travelling in Vietnam and offer a wealth of expertise covering the whole country; from the hills of Sapa in the north to beaches of the southern islands our team are more likely than not to have been there. Through our range of different products we have a huge variety of different options available, whether you are looking for a small group tour or to travel independently.

InsideVietnam Tours offer full financial protection through ABTOT so you can be sure that your money is secure.

But perhaps the number one reason to book with InsideVietnam Tours is that we have a genuine passion for Vietnam and a desire to share this with our customers. We are constantly striving to give our customers the best experiences of Vietnam and through careful planning to show some of the different faces of the country that help make this such a fascinating and amazing place to visit.

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When Should I visit?

Anytime is a good time to visit Vietnam but for more detailed information see our When To Go page.

What is the weather like?

All covered in our  When To Go page

How expensive is Vietnam?

Vietnam is very affordable once you are there. Food is very well priced with an excellent lunch costing as little as $2-$3 US dollars. The chepaest beer you will find (always a good indicator) could be as little 30 cents but usually expect to pay around 70 cents to $1. However, in tourist hotels prices are hugely inflated and so food and drinks can cost three or four times as much.

You will see from our prices that Vietnam is not an expensive place to travel. However, top interenational hotels although cheaper than in London or Paris still have a fairly significant cost attached. What you will find though is Vietnam is a very affordable place to travel to. Just let us know your budget and we will more than likely be able to assist.

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Does any one speak English?

You will find a lot of people you come across in Vietnam speak English and those working with the tourism indistry tend to speak excellent English. Studying English is very popular amongst the younger Vietnamese as it is a very good way to secure a better paid job! Older Vietnamese speak less English and out in the countryside English is very limited outside of those working directly with tourists.

How much does a flight cost?

Prices of air fares vary enormously but as a rule if you are paying less than 500 / $800 then you have got a good price. If you need any help at all researching flights then please do not hesitate to ask. We can also include the flight as part of your holiday package. Vietnam airlines flies direct to Hanoi three times a week and other optins include Air France, Emirates and Cathay Pacific.

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